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The Pauper by May Nicole Abbey Virtual Book Tour!

Hello Everyone! Today I am the hosting The Pauper by May Nicole Abbey Virtual Book Tour presented by Sage's Blog Tours! Very excited about this because I love the series and this third book is incredible. Check out my review and the links below!

The Pauper (The Fall Series #3)
By May Nicole Abbey
Published March 27th, 2014 by River Valley Publishing

Genre: Clean Romance, Adventure

5 stars - Interesting and Fun!!

Book Synopsis:
A mysterious stranger 
A desperate mission 
A grueling journey through time and space 

Life had always been an exciting adventure to Heather Higgins. Even after the death of her father, the loss of a fortune, and a disappointing proposal, she yet sees the future as bright and full of possibilities. At the miraculous appearance of a mysterious man with piercing green eyes and a powerful intellect, Heather knows she has met her destiny. Whether he likes it or not. 

In pursuit of a dangerous mission, Ammon Maharahi doesn’t have time for spoiled, doe eyed beauties. But no matter how hard he tries, he cannot dismiss her. Amidst his frantic travels through time and space in the effort to fix a dark future, his illness wears him down. He must find and stop a fellow time traveler before it is too late and all is lost. Tired, ill and disheartened, he wonders if he is fighting a losing battle when Heather Higgins is thrust into his path, infusing energy and life into his weary heart. 

But time is running out. The answer lies with a gifted university professor from the future, as bizarre as she is brilliant. As Ammon and Heather race through time to unlock the puzzle, they know Ammon’s life and the future of all humankind slip closer to catastrophe with every tick of the clock.


So I have read the second book in this series (and loved it) plus I hosted a virtual book tour for that book as well. I think I loved this book even more than the one before. The characters, the plot, this history, the adventure, the comedy and the romance - I enjoyed it all. 

Heather was a great female lead. She was quirky and funny and smart in her own right. She had some growing to do throughout the book but she definitely found her place in the world by the end of it. I was pleased with her character and I enjoyed reading her entries. The book is written in a journal entry like way and is told her point of view. The year that Heather is from is 1718 but she doesn't totally fit the expectations of that year. The book goes through a few different eras while the characters time travel so that is definitely interesting. Then we have Ammon, the son of the main character from the second book, and he was the total opposite of Heather. I loved the interaction between the two of them. :) We meet a couple other interesting characters throughout the book as well.

I loved that this was set in a different time period and that the ending was kind of surprising. There was a ton of adventure and there were quite a few mysteries involving the people who knew about time traveling. I think that if you enjoyed the other books in this series then you'll definitely enjoy this one. It was interesting and kept my attention throughout reading. The beginning might have been a little slow but near the middle and end there is suspense and adventure. The ending was interesting as well and I think it fit even if it wasn't what you'd expect for the characters. Very glad that I got to read this because it is not a book that you want to miss! Check it out for yourself! 


Author Bios:
Caroline Gregory and Shawnette Nielson are sisters on a mission. Their goal is to write clean, adventuresome romance stories, full of lovely characters, personal growth, truth, and hope. Although they live nearly a thousand miles from each other, and are both busy with the daily needs of their respective families, they carve out time each night to put fingers to keyboard and write.  Their goal? Twenty completed books. Set all over the world and throughout time, they thrill at the freedom that writing time travel offers them. From Georgian society, to Ancient Egypt, and plans for a western, contemporary, and even a book set in ancient Greece, the possibilities are limitless.

Twitter: @mayicoleabbey

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