Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ring the Alarm Review

Ring The Alarm (Tales from Jamaica #1)
By L.C. Andrews
Published October 25th, 2013 by Wood & Water Publishing
Contemporary Romance (multicultural)/Literary Fiction
266 pages

4 stars - Great start to the series!

*This book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review!*

Hot Jamaican Days, steamy Jamaican Nights...  Come along on a spinning, whirling tale of romance and adventure!  Of human struggles, conflicts, and inner pain... Of redemption, gratitude, and Love.  Of Jamaica!  

Join two best friends in this memorable story as they discover romance, the true Jamaican spirit, and themselves!

This is where the Tales From Jamaica series, and L.C.'s exciting, rapid style all begins.


Ring the Alarm is without a doubt a different type of book. I can definitely say that I haven't read anything like it! It's an enjoyable and quick read but be warned that Andrews' writing style is anything but conventional. The writing style of this book is different but it's fast paced and pretty easy to follow. The rhythm keeps you reading and before you know it the book is done! 

I think Ring the Alarm was a good start to this series and besides reading about the characters, we also read about Jamaica. I've never been to Jamaica but from the looks of it, the country is definitely a wondrous place. L.C.'s character was funny and, in a way, it was like you were in his thoughts. You join these characters on an adventure full of humorous, romantic, and touching times. Andrews teaches us a little about the country and it's people and what they have to go through.

Again, this was a quick and entertaining read. I will say that some of the content is mature for younger readers. Ring the Alarm is a good book that may go a little too far at times. :) But it'll make it up to you with it's unique writing style and humorous scenes! If Ring the Alarm sounds like your kind of book, then I suggest you check it out today! 

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