Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thimble Down Review

Thimble Down

Thimble Down

By Pete Prown
Published August 1st, 2013 by CreateSpace
373 pages

4.5 stars - Charming Novel!

*This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review!*

THIMBLE DOWN is a country village where death and malice lurk the quiet lanes. When the vile, drunken Bing Rumple acquires a gem-laden treasure, violence begins to follow him everywhere. Where did Bing find such a precious jewel, and worse, is someone willing to kill to possess it? In this fast-paced adventure, the village bookmaster, Mr. Dorro, and his young companions Wyll Underfoot and Cheeryup Tunbridge are in a desperate race to find the answer—before death comes to Thimble Down.


Thimble Down is a story for everyone. Its intriguing, charming, and full of adventure and suspense. While Thimble Down is a young adult novel, it could easily be read by all ages. The story captures your attention and doesn't let you go. 

Dorro Winderiver is a Hafling and the bookmaster of the country village of Thimble Down. He was a smart and witty character and definitely different. And, of course, he isn't fully human, just like the rest of the Halflings. He is also the "detective" on the case of the current murder in the village. The characters in this story were charming, some annoying, and just plain interesting. Elves and Halfings and Havlings were mentioned throughout the book, which made it quite intriguing. Thimble Down as like a murder mystery in a magical land. 

The writing really did make you feel as if you were actually there. I loved the descriptions and the reading about what the characters were thinking. There is always something going on and something for Dorro to try to figure out. Thimble Down isn't like any book that I've read before. It's unique and full of adventure. I really do recommend this book for anyone of any age. There is even a list of the names of the characters and the pronunciations of each in the very beginning of the book. That was very helpful because most of the names are, again, unique.

All in all, I really enjoyed this book. It had just a little bit of everything and was easy to read. If you like mystery then this will be a good fit for you. I found myself thinking I knew who the murderer was and then be wrong. Some twists and turns, but in the end a great book. Plus I really like the cover, it just feels cozy and mysterious. :) Thimble Down is one you don't want to miss!


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