Monday, March 20, 2017

My Perfect Day In

Hello, everyone! Long time no see, right? You can thank Leesa, a mattress company, for today's post. Leesa recently reached out to me wondering what my perfect day in would look like. (And in case you were wondering, this is not a sponsored post. Just a pretty fun idea. :)) 

So here are a few things that help make my day in perfect (or as close as it can get). 

A comfortable place to read. 

My day in usually involves reading but I bet you couldn't guess. ;) In order to read for as long as I do (cough, cough...a few hours?) I have to make sure I'm comfortable. I've tried everywhere from the couch to the chair in my room, but my favorite spot is my bed. I'm able to spread out and my pillows are also pretty great. 

My dogs, my greatest friends, my companions. 

I have two Yorkies and I absolutely LOVE when they make their way up to my room and find a spot right next to me. Reading for the day is always grand but reading with your dogs is even better! They are just so cute and always warm me up when it gets cold. Which brings me to my next essential. Oh and this is only one of my Yorkies. Lola is her name. Like from the song Copacabana... Yeah, I came up with it. :) 

Blankets. WARM ONES! 

I live in Illinois where it can get cold. :( It is not fun to be reading comfortably one moment and be freezing the next but it happens. In order to stay warm, I make sure I have a warm blanket that I can curl up in. Warmth is always fun, that's for sure. 

My phone.

I don't really listen to too much music while I'm reading. I can easily become distracted by the lyrics and start singing those instead of reading. (Music is my other passion) But sometimes I want to take a break from reading, yes really, so I grab my phone and listen to some Spotify. Or I go to YouTube and watch some BookTube videos so I can find even more books to add to my ever-growing shelves. It's a lot of fun. 

Books. Books. And more books. 

I can't have a perfect day in if I don't read at least a chapter from a book. I am a mood reader so I usually just look at my shelves and decide what matches my mood. I usually have a few books with me on my bed just in case the first choice doesn't work out. And I have a few post it notes in case I want to mark a certain page or quote. 

So those are just a few things that help me create the perfect day in. Some items change every now and then. I don't usually eat in my room but I'll have some candy every now and then if I'm in the mood. What is your perfect day in (or night in) like? Do you read or listen to music? Maybe you binge watch Netflix shows? Do you hang out with your dogs or cats? Maybe a hamster? Let me know if you feel like it! 

Thanks for stopping by!

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