Monday, April 29, 2013

I'm Back!!

Hey everyone! I am well aware of the fact that it has been around 2 weeks since I've last posted a book review. I'm sorry I haven't given an explanation sooner but I've been super busy this month. In case you didn't know I am a junior in high school and this year has proved to be one of the busiest and hardest for me. These past couple weeks I've had ACT testing, other tests, projects and a ton of homework! But finally everything is winding down and I'm so excited because school should be letting out soon, the end of May actually! So I will be posting reviews again because I have found some time to read a few books. To whoever regularly reads my blog thanks for putting up with my absence and I promise I'll be posting more. Well I'm off now to start typing up some reviews, I've read some pretty interesting books :). 
Thanks again!


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