Friday, May 2, 2014

It's May!

Hello Everyone! I can't believe that May is already here! This means that I have 22 days till I graduate from High School - forever. This also means that I'm going to be extremely busy during the 22 days that I have left. Tests, projects, homework, senior activities, etc. But I am excited for summer break and to start the next chapter in my life. :) 

During break I'll also get a chance to relax which is something that I definitely need to do. Once August starts I'll be getting ready for my Freshman year in college and trying to figure out how to work everything into my schedule. I'm looking forward to majoring in Public Relations and afterwards trying to become a Publicist for authors! What's better than working with what I enjoy most in the world? So we'll see what happens in the next four years. Wish me luck! :)

Now onto book related news. So I plan to have regular reviewing once school gets out and I also have a few new blog related ideas that I'd like to try out over the summer. I have a bunch of books that I'm looking forward to reading and many more reviews that I really want to write. I haven't been able to read as much as I'd like to since January so I'm looking forward to spending a few days just reading. :) 

So I hope you all have a great month and I hope that there is good weather wherever you are! I'm looking forward to sunnier and warmer days myself. Thanks for checking out my blog! 


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